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Want green ways to save money at home and on the move? Green Abode gives you advice and tips to protect your wallet whilst being mindful of the environment.

You’re probably thinking how is living sustainably going to save you money?

Firstly, we’re just like you. Going green for us is about everyday living such as public transport, solar gadgets and insulating your home. We all do these things as they’re practical ways of living your life.

Secondly, we want cheaper train tickets, generating free electricity and saving energy at home..which is exactly the the things in the previous paragraph but doing it as it saves you money.

Green Abode is all about helping to show you that saving money and living more sustainable go hand-in-hand.

We’re focusing on three areas at home and on the move to help you achieve this:

The great thing is that we’re just like you and not ‘experts’ in many areas, however, we want to make some changes as it makes common sense. We know a lot about green travelling and how to be a good eco-friendly tourist but we’ll come onto that later…

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How did Green Abode start?

Green Abode was the idea of it’s owner and sole author Chris King. At the time he was working for a corporate company in online advertising and thought ‘hey wouldn’t it be great if there was a green web site with practical information on saving money’.

At the time, many green type websites were focused on the more expensive aspects of living sustainably or appeared to be very focused on wider environmental issues.

It was Chris’ idea to create a web site which addressed the more practical ways that everyone can save money and live more sustainably.

In April 2011 Green Abode went live and we’re only at the start of the journey.

About Chris King

Chris KingChris King is an environmentalist, traveller, marketer, online professional, cultural explorer, publisher, writer and consultant.

His early interest in the environment and living more sustainably started (like many of us in the UK!) with watching David Attenborough TV shows when he was a kid. Later at university he took a keen interest in the cultural movements of the 1960’s which promoted the ethos of sustainable living.

Chris has spent three years of his life travelling responsibly. Whilst he can’t say he’s never taken flights on these trips (taken many), he’s always taken time to understand local people. In his most recent long trip he visited India and toured the sub-continent by train, coach, bus and rickshaw for six months.

His ethos on being a green traveller is as much about…respecting the local population, showing an interest in their culture, being mindful of resources and spending money with the right people…as it is the way you use transport. After all a polite and happy smile is easy and it goes a long way.

When he got back from this adventure he started to research for Green Abode and became interested in renewable energy and energy saving at home. At that point he decided to pen to paper — or rather fingers to keyboard — and start work on Green Abode.

Chris is now in his 16th year of working as an online marketing professional. He’s spent that time working across inbound marketing, production, ecommerce, affiliate partnerships and sales.

Nowadays, when he is not writing, managing and marketing Green Abode he works as a consultant and provides online services. Chris specialises in consultancy services helping travel brands with content marketing, SEO, conversion optimisation and building an audience and you can work with him at www.chrispking.net

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Chris now spends most of his time in Japan and travelling other parts of Asia. While in Japan he lives in Osaka which is famous for its cuisine and food culture. Ater travelling Japan for two months he came up with his latest venture Food Tours Japan. ‘Japan has the most amazing food in the world and entwined deeply in Japanese culture. If you want to understand Japan, start with the food culture – from the tea ceremony, regional foods and of course seafood’. Join Chris on his food adventure in Japan.

You can also connect with him — on Google+, Linkedin and Twitter — he would love to hear from you.