Green living at Green Abode is about sharing with you ideas, reviews, news and deals from the UK for living a more eco friendly lifestyle. Green living for the home and on the move is about saving you money, sharing tips and improving the environment.

Green Living

Green Abode is here to to show you that green living and eco friendly products are not only ethical, but can also save you money. As there are so many good green ideas and products out there in the UK, we wanted to share all this with you. We aim to let you know what’s gong on so you can make informed decisions based on facts.

The stereotype of going green may be sacrificing the things you love, growing a beard or walking around barefoot – although we’re not here to make judgements if that’s your thing. These days, however, eco friendly living is as much about common sense as making radical changes to our lifestyles.

So we’ll be sharing positive ideas about sustainable living, which may just inspire you to make some simple, eco friendly changes. We won’t preach to you either – there’s enough people doing that already. We’re simply about sharing practical green living advice.

Eco Friendly Products

The past few years has seen a quiet green revolution, with common sense eco friendly products continuing to improve and help save you money.

The eco friendly products featured here are anything making a positive contribution to the environment, wildlife and the people around you. Eco friendly products are available in all areas of our lives and can make sustainable living fun, too. And the sooner we start using them, the sooner we can start improving things for future generations.

At Green Abode, we’ll be bringing you our independent take on green living and eco friendly products. With a lot of noise out there about eco, sustainable or ethical living, we simply plan to bring you the facts so you can make the little changes if you want to.

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that green living is all about saving money, and living the life you want to lead while being mindful of its impact on future generations.

Love life, live green