Where to get Carnet tickets for discounts on peak rail fares

Carnet ticketsCarnet tickets are perfect if you make regular peak anytime journey between two train stations two to three times a week.

They’re not easy to find, however, we have found every Carnet ticket available in the UK.

All of them work in the same way and give you FREE journeys if you buy 10 or 12. They are perfect if you don’t need a season ticket but need to travel at anytime.

Carnets are also available for off-peak journeys but you may find Railcards a better option.

Only some rail companies offer Carnets, and we found that others don’t know whether they have them or not.

Whether you’re travelling on business, leisure or visiting friends Carnet tickets are a useful way of reducing rail fares.

East Midlands Trains Carnet Tickets – 10% OFF

East Midlands TrainsIf you travel frequently on East Midlands trains there are a range of Carnet deals available for journeys between destinations on the East Midlands Trains network to London St. Pancras.

Get 10% OFF with all these East Midlands Trains deals

  • Carnet 5 Standard (five Standard Anytime Return tickets)
  • Carnet 5 Plus (five Business Anytime Return tickets)
  • Carnet 5 First (five First Anytime Return tickets)
  • All Carnet 5 deals are valid for one month.

They also offer 10 flexible Return tickets for the price of 9 on Standard and First Class journeys, which is valid for three months. They’re available at stations on their network.

You can also get big savings and discounted train travel with East Midlands Trains promotion codes and special offers.

Gatwick Express Carnet Tickets – 10 for the price of 8

Gatwick ExpressThis is one of the best deals available and great value for frequent users of the rail service to Gatwick Airport.

The Gatwick Express Carnet offer is 10 single journeys for the price of 8. Express Class costs £143, and First Class £208. This gives a saving of £36 and £52 respectively.

They are only available to purchase from Gatwick Express ticket offices at London Victoria and Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick Express offer online exclusive deals from their website for groups, single, return and other types of journey.

Heathrow Express Carnet – 12 for the price of 11

Heathrow ExpressThe Heathrow Express Carnet offers a reduction on the direct service from London Paddington. You can’t get hardly any discounts on this line, so this is a good option for regular customers.

The deal is 12 tickes for the price of 11 and prices start at £198. You can buy online with Heathrow Express.

Chiltern Carnet – 12 tickets for the price of 10

Chiltern RailwaysChiltern Railways Carnet is another of the best options offering 12 tickets for the price of 10. They’re available on Anytime Return journeys and are valid for six months from the date of purchase.

They can be ordered through the Business Travel Team and will be post to you. Find out more information on the Chiltern Railways website.

First Capital Connect Carnet Tickets – 10 journeys for the price of 9

First Capital ConnectFrequent travellers on First Capital Connect can get 10 trips for the price of 9. They’re available for Anytime (Peak) and Off-Peak fares.

First Capital Connect Carnets are available on journeys to and from London from, Royston, Letchworth Garden City, Huntingdon, St Neots, Hitchin, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City Hatfield, Potters Bar Hertford North, Bedford, Luton, Luton Aiport Parkway and St Albans.

Find out more information visit the First Capital Connect website.

First Great Western – Business Carnets

First Great WesternFirst Great Western offer Business Carnets with 10 tickets for the price of 9 from selected stations on their network. You can find out more at First Great Western Business Direct.

National Express East Anglia – Business Carnet Tickets

National Express East AngliaIf you’re an employee of a business that is registered on the National Express East Anglia Green Travel Plan Service Site, you can get Business Carnet Tickets. They are available on 10 return journeys on their network, from and to Cambridge, Ipswich, London Liverpool Street and Norwich.

Other deals are available to employees of East Anglia local councils. These include Chelmsford Borough Council, Colchester Borough Council, Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk County Council.

You can find more information on the National Express East Anglia Green Travel Plan Service Site.

Grand Central Carnet – up to 25% OFF

Grand CentralWith Grand Central you can get a whopping 25% OFF Single tickets to and from London. This is the best deal that we could find for the whole of Britain.

Grand Central Carnet offers

  • Standard Off-Peak – £30 per ticket
  • Standard Anytime – £50 per ticket
  • First Off-Peak – £50 per ticket
  • First Anytime – £90 per ticket

The Grand Central deal is flexible. You get a book of 10 which anyone can use at anytime. This includes two people travelling together at the same time.

For more information visit the Grand Central website.

ScotRail Flexipass

ScotrailRegular travellers on ScotRail can benefit from Flexipass fares. These work in the same way as Carnets. There are two different types.

10 Journey Flexipass

The 10 Journey Flexipass is available for Standard Class tickets on over 95 key commuter routes in Scotland. They’re also available on First Class journeys between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

You can travel at anytime, however, you must use the 10 journeys within one month.

50 Journey Flexipass

ScotRail 50 Journey Flexipass is only available for Standard and First Class travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh and is valid for one year.

For more information visit the ScotRail website. Or you can find out prices and order online.

If you’re fortunate enough to use a network that still offer Carnet tickets, they can be the perfect option. They’re particularly useful if you have to travel at anytime of the day.