New Social Enterprise hiSbe Promotes Sustainable Food ‘how it should be’

Sustainable Food hiSbeA new social enterprise has launched, aiming to shake up the British food industry, promote sustainable food and help people change the way they shop.

The Brighton-based company is called hiSbe – standing for ‘how it should be’. hiSbe believes everyone has the right to healthy, sustainable, affordable food, but that the established British food industry isn’t coming up with the goods. It aims to make sure shoppers know exactly what they buying and eating and what the true costs of producing their food is, so they can make more informed and more ethical choices.

“We think the food industry puts profit before people, and the relentless pursuit of profit and growth is increasingly harming individuals,” says hiSbe.

“At hiSbe we think food is more than just another business; food is the most important need of everyone on the planet, and it connects us all.”

“We are here to challenge and shake up ‘how it is’ in the food industry and get us all talking about ‘how it should be’,” hiSbe adds. “For a start, we should all know what we’re really eating, and what the true costs of producing it are, so that we can choose better.”

The hiSbe plan involves becoming:

· a trusted brand that speaks honestly about food, putting people before profit
· a movement making the food industry fairer so that consumers can all afford healthy, sustainable, good food
· a chain of grocery stores with everything in one place and a price promise, and that invests its profits in communities

hiSbe is busy building its positive social enterprise and one of its first initiatives encouraging everyone to get involved, bringing people together online to talk about food issues.

The hiSbe website has a lively blog, guest posts from eco and sustainable food groups around Britain and a video journal to keep you up-to-date with the latest news. It’s a welcome addition to the British sustainable food movement and Green Abode.