Energyshare – Green and Renewable electricity from British Gas

British Gas EnergyshareEnergyshare is a new tariff from British Gas, which ups the energy giants involvement in renewables. The electricity supplied by energyshare is a certified green energy package. The great news for the consumer is that it’s the same as their Standard tariff and it comes with some energy saving products.


Why choose energyshare for your home?

  • Great value – you can save up to £67 paying by direct debit and £15 for dual fuel *
  • Choice of a FREE energy saving device such as an eco-kettle, energy monitor and radiator panels
  • £10 a year donated to the energyshare fund to support community projects in the UK
  • You get the chance to vote on how you would like the fund being spent
  • Energyshare electricity is certified a green energy tariff by the Ofgem accredited Green Energy Certification Scheme
  • British Gas will match the electricity used, by providing 100% British renewable electricity back into the grid

Further benefits to the environment and UK renewables

There are also benefits to the environment, the growth of British renewables and the community from energyshare. For every unit of electricity that is used as part of this tariff, British Gas will provide 100% renewable electricity back into the grid. Communities will benefit as they will supply a £10 contribution to the energyshare fund.

The new service is part of the wider energyshare partnership with River Cottage which aims to enable customers to source, use and generate 100% home grown renewable energy.

Green Abode’s energyshare verdict

British Gas increased involvement in renewable energy projects has to be a good thing in the long term for “green UK”. Energyshare adds another green electricity option for consumers at a great price. We’re also a big fan of the community element, which will lead to more micro generation of energy in people’s homes.