London Car Clubs – Save £££ Thousands & Go Green

If you live in London and run a car, you won’t be alone in wondering whether it’s worth the hassle and cost. Londoners use their cars for an average of just 3.5 hours per week, according to figures from transport charity Carplus. We all want to be greener, too, and ditching the car is now a feasible option by joining one of the capital’s excellent car clubs.

What makes a London car club so attractive?

Join a London car club and you’ll find you’re free of the costs and hassle of owning your own car:

• no parking permits
• no worries about vandalism and car crime
• huge savings for low mileage users
• no servicing or MOTs
• no wasting money on monthly insurance bills when you only use the car occasionally
• always drive a new car
• no depreciation or paying off big bank loans for a new car

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In fact, it’s estimated that low-mileage drivers could save up to £3,500 a year by ditching their car and joining a London car club.

A green way to drive

Joining a car club is also a much greener option than owning your own car. Because many London car club members ditch their old motors when they join, each car club vehicle takes around 25 cars off the road.

You’ll also find most London car clubs run low emission vehicles. What’s more, most car club members find that they make more of their shorter journeys by bike or on foot after joining. Which is good for the environment and healthy, too.

How do car clubs work?

Car clubs are easy to join and easy to use:

• pay a deposit or modest annual membership fee
• book vehicles online or by phone
• pick your car up from a specific time and location – usually no more than a 10-15 minute walk from you
• a swipe card and PIN number gives you access to all the car club’s vehicles
• pay for how long you use the vehicle
• free mileage limits generally cover short journeys – go over the limit and there’ll be a surcharge
• return the vehicle to its designated parking spot once you’re done