Organic Cotton T-Shirts – Top 10 UK Online Stores

Organic Cotton T-shirts are now more widely available in the UK. They are better for the environment than standard cotton as they prevent the use of deadly pesticides. Buying organic cotton, also often means you are allowing the grower in poor countries to improve their standard of living.

Here’s Green Abode’s Top Ten UK online stores where you can buy organic cotton T-shirts.

Seasalt Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Seasalt Nippers RNLI Grommet Tee


Seasalt is the classic organic clothing store, who are celebrating their 30th year of trading in 2011. They are the largest producer of Soil Association certified clothing in the world.

They have a large and varied range of organic t-shirts for kids, women and men. Nautical and traditional styles are complimented by more playful and fun designs.

Seasalt Store >>

SP UK Organic Cotton T-Shirts

SP:UK – SHOUT T-Shirt by Mystifax


SP:UK is another veteran organic t-shirt store, with a team of independent designers. Since 2010 their whole product line has been certified by the Soil Association.

SP:UK have a huge eclectic and highly creative mixture of designs for men, women and kids. If you like graffiti art and original designs you will love their range.

Sutsu Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Sutsu Classic Logo T-Shirt


Sutsu is a boardwear clothing company, built around producing high quality garments with contemporary designs. There production factory is accredited by the Soil Association.

Sutsu currently has a men’s only collection and they have a varied group of professional boarders as ambassadors. If you like cool, minimal and crisp deign, you will love Sutsu.

Sutsu Store >>

People Tree Organic Cotton T-Shirts

People Tree Women’s Mae Stripe Tee by Assisi

People Tree

People Tree have been going for 20 years in the UK and fairtrade is central to the production of their organic cotton t-shirts. They support a number of ethical standards.

Their collection spans across women, men, kids and babies. It’s a classical look, with a good portion of fashionable stripes. There are also some interesting prints and designs.

People Tree Store >>


Ecotopia Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Ecotopia Nimby Wind Turbine Organic Cotton T-Shirt by Rapanui


Ecotopia is an ethical online supermarket with a whole load of different eco-friendly, ethical and fairtrade products. Their mission is to assist people to live a more low impact lifestyle.

Ecotopia have teamed up with Rapanui for their men’s and women’s eco clothes collection.   If bold and vivid prints are your thing, you will love their range.

Natural Collection Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Natural Collection Womens T-Shirt Dots Pocket Tee by People Tree

Natural Collection

Natural Collection started in 1999 to support sustainable innovation by offering a wide selection of ecologically considered products. They are now a large eco department store.

Natural Collection have a women’s and men’t range of t-shirts. This collection is from their partners including brands such as People Tree.

Natural Collection Store >>

Ethical Superstore Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Ghys Women’s Ink Tree T-Shirt by Komodo

Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore is a site committed to helping the ethical consumer “buy what you believe”. It has an extensive and varied range of eco and green products.

Ethical Superstore have women’s and men’s organic t-shirts, sourced from it’s fashion partners including brands such as Komodo and Greenpeace.

Ethical Superstore >>

Rapanui Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Rapanui Japan Tsunami Organic Cotton T-Shirt


Rapanui is making eco-fashion cool for young people. They have won an award for their innovative traceability, where you can trace where your t-shirt has come from.

They’re range is aimed more at the younger generation, with cool prints and styles. Rapanui is particularly popular with skateboarders and surfers.

Nigels Eco Store Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Nigel’s Eco Store organic cotton Fat Cat Women’s T-Shirt by Red Robot

Nigel’s Eco Store

Nigel’s Eco Store is a department store of green delights, which includes pretty much everything you need. Started in 2005, it’s swiftly become a household eco brand.

Nigel’s Eco Store stock women’s and men’s organic t-shirts. They have a range of different  high quality garments from UK based independent clothing companies.

Yew Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Yew Women’s Organic Cotton Tee in Sky Blue


Yew specialises in sports and outdoor clothing all made from sustainable fabrics. They stand for high performance clothing which is kind to the environment.

Yew have active and casual collections for both women and men. Organic cotton t-shirts feature in their casual range, which has effective, clean and simple designs.