Why Solar Fairy Lights Are Almost Always For Christmas

Solar Fairy LightsIt’s nearly Christmas and time to start getting in the festive mood. If you lean to a green way of thinking, you’re bound to be thinking of buying products that last all year round.

Solar fairy lights are almost always for Christmas but the great thing is you can use them throughout the year.

And of course, after you’ve purchased your solar Christmas lights, you don’t pay a penny in electricity bills. They’re powered on pure natural green energy from daylight.

Solar fairy lights use light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs which only need a tiny amount of power. These days with advances in technology — to both bulbs and solar cell batteries — they’re a reliable choice of renewable energy.

7 reasons why you should buy solar fairy lights this Christmas

  • save money with no electricity bills – lighting can be expensive but there’s NO energy bills with solar fairy lights
  • spectacular outdoor lighting – LED’s give off bright and clear light. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and guarantee a beautiful illumination
  • environmentally friendly – they get their power from the energy of daylight. No dirty fossil fuels are used to power them
  • location – solar fairy lights can be used anywhere. No hassle of plugging into a mains socket or extension leads
  • easy set up – they’re easy to install and use. Simply plug and play
  • safe – outdoor solar powered lighting is safe. No cables or power outlet running long distances
  • maintenance – they require little upkeep, just keep the lights and panel clean

For a more detailed explanation and guide, see your questions answered at the bottom of the page.

5 solar fairy lights you will love this Christmas

Outdoor Solar Powered Christmas Fairy Lights

If you’re looking for variation, you’ve found it. These sparkly eco-friendly solar powered Christmas lights come in a variety of colours and effects.

  • four colours – white, yellow, blue or multi-coloured
  • six different lighting modes – alternating, chasing, fast flash, slow flash, fast flicker, all on
  • Intelligent Power Saving Technology – to optimise input and output
  • three different lengths
  • one year warranty
  • Prices start from only £29.99 at Nigel’s Eco Store.
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    Solar Power Star Lights 50 LED’s

    This beautiful light string from Smart Solar looks like they’ve been especially made for Christmas. The delicate star design can be used for attractive ambient lighting in any outdoor space.

  • 50 white LED energy saving lights with transparent star covers
  • up to 6 hours of light when fully charged
  • light string length 7m
  • constant white light, no flickering
  • Price just £21 from Ethical Superstore.
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    Solar Powered White LED Net Garden Lights

    Illuminate a bush or fence with this solar fairy net lighting.  Ideal for putting a sparkle into your garden or outdoors this Xmas.

  • 100 LED white bulb solar powered fairy lights
  • coverage 1.6m x 0.8m
  • 6 to 8 hours illumination

    Pink Outdoor LED Solar Blossom Fairy Lights

    If you fancy something a bit different, you can’t go wrong with these pink blossom style solar lights. Bring a bit of Spring to your Christmas garden.

  • unique pink blossom effect solar lights
  • 50 ultra bright LED’s
  • lit length 5m
  • Price just £16.99 from Festive Lights.
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    50 Multi-Coloured Solar Fairy Lights

    Grab yourself a bargain with these multi-coloured solar fairy lights.  Brighten up your garden and your Christmas with lights at this cheap price.

  • 50 ultra-bright LED fairy lights on 3.5m of cable
  • multi-coloured
  • long illumination time – up to 10 hours on a full charge
  • Price only £9.99 from Maplin.
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    Solar fairy lights – your questions answered

    See individual products for detailed explanation as to how they operate.

    How does solar lighting work?

    Solar powered lighting is an environmentally friendly product harnessing natural energy from the sun and daylight. Solar cells within the solar panel converts natural energy into electricity.

    The electricity is used to recharge built-in batteries during daylight hours. Energy is then stored in the batteries, ready for night fall.

    When daylight ends, a sensor triggers and the solar fairy lights come on. The same sensor automatically switches the fairy lights off when day breaks.

    What kind of illumination does solar fairy lighting provide?

    The majority of solar fairy lights use LED’s, which provide clear, distinct and bright colours.

    Bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. You can also buy covers that wrap around the lights for more distinct styling. Solar lighting nets are also available and are very effective for decorating fences, walls or bushes.

    Solar lighting is different to traditional lighting so it’s best to check in detail prior to making a purchase.

    Do I have to pay for any electricity?

    No, there is no external mains power required for solar fairy lights. There are no running costs at all.

    Will Solar Lights work effectively in the UK at Christmas and during the winter?

    Yes, many solar lights have been manufactured in the UK and use the latest solar technologies to work even on the dullest days. For more information check with individual lighting manufacturers.

    How do I get the most from my solar fairy lighting?

    Always position the solar panel south facing — free of any obstructions — where they can get the most sunlight and daylight.

    The efficiency of the battery charge will depend on the amount of daylight they receive. Therefore, they will work for longer in the summertime.

    If you have different settings, use a mode where they are on less often to preserve the battery. If the setting is switched to always on, the battery will run out quicker.

    Can solar fairy lights be installed anywhere in my garden or outdoor space?

    Yes, the lights themselves can be positioned anywhere, even in shaded areas.

    You should always ensure that the solar panel has the most access to sunlight. For the most optimum results — especially in winter —  you must ensure that the solar panel is facing south.

    They are the perfect option if you have a a large garden and can be placed near trees, bushes or garden furniture.

    You can leave them out for weeks or months but just be mindful of weather conditions.

    Are solar Christmas lights eco-friendly?

    Yes, when in use they do not use any power from fossil fuels. In comparison, traditional Christmas lights can emit over 7.2kg* of carbon dioxide (CO2) across the 12 days of Christmas.

    Can I take my solar fairy lights away on holiday?

    Yes, you can use them anywhere as they use natural green energy. They only need daylight to work, so they’re perfect for holidays, camping or festivals.

    Are solar outdoor lights easy to install?

    Yes, they’re easy to put together. They’re either plug and play or they are already connected.

    Can I use solar fairy lights indoors?

    Yes, you can place the lights indoors. The solar panels, however, must be located outside as they do not work very well through glass.

    Remember, you will still need to ensure the panel is south facing or getting the most amount of daylight possible. Just be careful of the security risk if you have windows open in your property.

    Do they require maintenance?

    Solar fairy lights require little or no maintenance.

    You will need to clean the solar panel every so often to ensure optimum performance. Both the panel and lights should be kept free of dust, dirt and debris.

    They’re weather proof and made to withstand different weather conditions.  We would recommend, however, that you bring them in an extreme weather such as continual snowfall.

    Is solar lighting safe?

    Yes — for starters — you’re less likely to trip over long cables and extension leads. Also, you don’t have to worry about hot wiring and potential fire risks from prolonged use.

    So although we think of solar fairy lights being just for Christmas, they’re great to use anytime and anywhere. It really is time to go solar.

    * Christmas light displays: mad, bad, or an antidote to SAD? – The Open University http://www8.open.ac.uk/platform/news-and-features/christmas-light-displays-mad-bad-or-antidote-sad