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British Cycling Membership

British Cycling is the national governing body for cycling, promoting biking for sport, leisure and transport. And it doesn’t just run British cycle events and campaign on cycling issues – it’s also a mass member organisation with loads of added benefits when you join.

When you join you automatically qualify for whopping discounts of 12% OFF at Wiggle and 10% OFF at Halfords.

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British Cycling membership from only £2 a month

British Cycling membership starts from just £2 a month (even cheaper for the Race Bronze package), and provides an impressive list of benefits, including big discounts at bike retailers, awesome cycling insurance deals, legal support and, for cycle racers, the opportunity to get an essential racing licence.

You’ll also know that you’re helping support and promote cycling throughout the UK. What a great time to join the amazing success story that is UK cycling.

Some of the many benefits of British Cycling membership include:

  • 12% discount OFF bikes and cycling gear at Wiggle, the UK’s premier online cycling retailer
  • 10% OFF Halfords gift vouchers
  • up to 48% OFF AA Membership at enrolment – as little as £28 a year
  • up to 15% OFF the Cycle Rescue emergency roadside cycle recovery service
  • 40% OFF subscriptions to top cycling magazines including Cycling Plus, Pro Cycling, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK
  • 40% discount OFF all CNP Professional nutrition products
  • 10% OFF a Wattbike home training bike
  • comprehensive travel insurance offers – perfect for cycle tourers
  • access to race licences for road racers
  • pre-sale and discount tickets to major cycling events

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Flexible options to suit you

There’s 2 types of British Cycling membership – Ride and Race (Race has three different levels of Bronze, Silver or Gold). So whether you’re a cycle commuter, committed mountain biker, enjoy a family weekend ride or are a keen road racer, there’s an option to suit you.

It’s easy to compare options to see which is best for you.

British Cycling Ride Membership

Ideal if you’re a commuter, casual road cyclist or leisure cyclist. As well as 3rd party liability insurance you get the full range of discounts and offers plus free legal advice.

Costs just £24 a year – only £2 a month (further 10% OFF if you pay by annual direct debit).

British Cycling Race Membership – Bronze

If you’re keen to get involved in cycle racing. For a low, low, low price you’ll get a Provisional Racing Licence and all the discounts.

Costs a measly £13.50 a year – a little over £1 a month (further 10% OFF if you pay by annual direct debit).

British Cycling Race Membership – Silver

A tailored package for those racing competitively. You’ll get a Full Racing Licence and the usual offers plus 3rd party insurance and legal support.

Costs just £36 a year – £3 a month (further 10% OFF if you pay by annual direct debit).

British Cycling Race Membership – Gold

Essential for anyone who takes racing competitively seriously. It gives you a Full Racing Licence plus enhanced personal accident insurance along with the standard 3rd party insurance.

There’s also full legal support and the impressive list of discounts and offers. Plus, you’ll also get a quarterly magazine detailing all of the cycling events going on across the UK.

Costs only £64 a year – less than £6 a month (further 10% OFF if you pay by annual direct debit).

Join a winning team

British Cycling Membership

British Cycling membership is growing on the back of huge success by the professional GB team

There’s a cycling revolution going on in the UK at all levels from our top professionals in the GB Team, to grass roots cyclists who are just starting out.

In fact, there are now 40,000 members double the amount in 2007. This milestone was reached one day after Mark Cavendish was crowned World Road Racing Champion.

In the words of Sir Chris Hoy MBE (multiple World & Olympic champion):

“With your help British Cycling is providing support to all cyclists, however they ride. That could mean building new cycling facilities, putting on more cycling events or looking after the day to day needs of members who ride to work, ride to race, or just ride for the fun of it. Being a member of British Cycling makes you one of the team!”

Amazing discounts and special offers

If you take the popular Ride membership, it’s very likely that it will pay for itself if you’re buying a new bike from Wiggle or Halfords.

On top of this you also get a bundle of special offers which will give you peace of mind and all the information you need whether you’re an urban commuter, recreational rider, keen racer or a young enthusiast.

With such a great deal and amazing benefits, can you really afford not to join the winning team?

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