Green ‘daycations’ for hassle-free, great value UK mini-holidays

The way we take our hard-earned holidays is changing. While once a two-week fly and flop to the Costas was all the fashion, in these straightened, and more eco aware times, we’ve seen the rise of the ‘staycation’, holidaying closer to home in Britain. In fact, holidaying in the UK hasn’t been so popular for decades, and now a new, green holiday trend is emerging – the ‘daycation’.

Instead of one big summer holiday, more and more people are spreading their annual leave across the year, taking single days here and there to enjoy many short and sweet daycations. This trend is backed up by new research from the National Trust, which reveals that:

  • over the last five years, 18% less of us in the UK are taking two-week holidays
  • less than half of Brits will be taking a long break this year
  • 27% are planning at least 10 daycations this year
  • 36% will take between 5 and 10 daycations

Reducing stress and enhancing quality of life

Commenting on the report, Dr Cecilia d’Felice, Clinical Psychologist, said: “We all know that holidays are good for us but did you know that even a day long mini-break reduces stress, improves well-being and enhances quality of life? Research shows that taking a daycation improves performance and safety at work, bonds family relationships and strengthens our vital social network.”

National Trust Membership Offers

Relax, chill out and enjoy the scenic National Trust countryside on your green daycation

The National Trust is using the research to promote its historic properties and countryside and coast destinations as perfect spots to spend a daycation. The National Trust Membership offers great value, as it allows you to visit over 300 historic gardens and houses. Of course, then you have access and often free parking to their other countryside and coast destinations.

And if you fancy more than a day out, National Trust Holidays offers last-minute deals on their breaks.

And with so many of us becoming more eco-aware, it’s just a small step to make these trips into ‘green daycations’, using public transport for stress-free, good value and fun days out in the UK.

Green daycations by train

The train is often the quickest, and certainly the most comfortable and hassle-free way to a daycation. No traffic jams, parking stress or worries about where the next motorway service station is – just travel straight from the city centre to your destination.

It’s often much quicker to take the train than drive, and from London you can reach:

  • Oxford from 56 minutes
  • Cambridge from 46 minutes
  • Brighton from 51 minutes
  • Bath from 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Manchester from 2 hours 7 minutes
  • York from 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Norwich from 1 hour 42 minutes

The Train Line is Britain’s biggest independent online train ticket retailer, and offer great deals on cheap train tickets. It always pays to book in advance, and a journey from London to Manchester, for example, could come in at just £11.50 one way.

There are plenty of options to reach stunning countryside locations by train and visit our great northern cities from the north. The Trans-Pennine Express runs inter-city services across the north, connecting Liverpool and Manchester with Leeds, York and the north east, Sheffield and Doncaster, the Lake District and beyond – Manchester to Edinburgh starts at only £15.50 for a single and takes just 3 hours 24 minutes. And save more than 50% on your ticket price when you book in advance.

Green daycations by coach

As well as the train, coaches are a great way to get out and about in the UK. Megabus and National Express are the obvious choice for affordable, hassle-free coach services, with extensive networks and extremely affordable prices.

A trip from London to Oxford on Megabus, for example, comes in at the rock bottom price of £1 each way when booked in advance. You wouldn’t even be able to get an hour’s parking in central Oxford for that amount.

So what are you waiting for? Book that day off and get planning for a green daycation in the great British countryside, at the seaside, or to one of our dynamic, historic cities.