2 responses to “Secondary glazing – the cheap & easy way to a warmer home”

  1. Claire Hughes

    V useful, thanks! We have recently moved to an old property in a conservation area, have had the upstairs sashes renovated to improve the draught proofing and insulating, has been really hard to find thick curtains though! Will see how we get on this winter, maybe next year we’ll invest in secondary glazing.

    Downstairs we are getting new sashes put in, and have found a company that does super-thin double glazing. Is super expensive though, sigh….

    1. Green Abode

      Thanks for your comment Claire.

      Wow – exciting times moving into a new house. Yes, I’ve had similar challenges with sash windows in previous places I’ve lived in.

      Secondary glazing comes in many different forms and price ranges. At the top end you can have fitted and bespoke in pretty much any material you want. Just for a few quid, however, you can buy secondary glazing film from Wickes or B&Q which are fine in the short term.

      Umm – not surprised that super-thin double glazing is expensive. Still maybe worth saving up for if you want to keep that heat in and go for style.

      Will be interested to know what sash window secondary glazing option you go for.