Virgin Trains Cheap Tickets & Best Fare Finder Deals

Find out how you can save money with 2022 Virgin Trains promo code and Best Fare Finder offers. Let’s dive straight in!

2022 Virgin Trains Promo Code, Best Fare Finder Deals and Ways to Save Money

Advance TicketsEarlier You Book, the Less You Pay Virgin Trains Best Fare FinderCheapest Deals on Their Network
Off-Peak TicketsAvoid Peak Times for Big Savings No Booking Fees or ChargesDon’t Get Ripped Off
First Class OffersBusiness and Leisure Deals Weekend First Class Upgradefrom only £10
Manchester to Londonfrom only £17 Glasgow to Londonfrom only £30
Liverpool to Londonfrom only £16 Birmingham to Londonfrom only £8
Virgin Trains Promo Code 2022Save Online Railcards1/3 OFF Deals
Group Travel20% OFF Online Exclusive Discount Family TravelSavings & Benefits
e-TicketsSave Time Virgin Trains Timetable & RoutesFind Ways to Save
Eurostar DealsJourneys to the Continent 2FOR1 AttractionsMoney OFF on Days Out
Dublin Rail and Sailonly £38 from London First Class Traveller ClubFREE First Class Leisure Tickets

Buying your tickets direct from Virgin Trains also means that you pay. No credit or debit card charges and no booking fees

Advance Tickets – Earlier You Book, the Less You Pay

You can book advance tickets up to three months before you take your journey. They’re even available to buy right up till 11:59 the day before you travel.

They’re the best way to save money on Virgin Trains tickets. The earlier you book, the less you pay!

If you have a particular date and time in mind and want to travel on any train in Britain, book via the standard booking form.

Alternatively, if you know that you want to travel between main railway stations on the Virgin Trains network and are flexible on times, book via the Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder.

Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder – Cheapest Deals on Their Network

If you’re flexible with your 2022 travel dates and travelling between main train stations on their network, the Best Fare Finder is the place to start.

How to Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder Deals

In three simple steps:

  1. Select your journey, ticket type and day of travel
  2. Amend the date and time to find cheaper deals
  3. Select the exact time and date you want to travel, and book online
Virgin Trains promo code

Two “Pendolino” Virgin Trains at London Euston which travel at 125mph on routes to Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham © Green Abode images/Chris P King

Off-Peak Tickets – Avoid Peak Times for Big Savings

If you combine Advance with Off-Peak tickets, you also get better savings on fares. They’re better than 2022 Virgin Trains promo code deals.

Generally, Off-Peak times are weekends, Bank Holidays, and outside of rush hour on weekdays. Depending on the route, however, Off-Peak times do vary.

Check for Off-Peak fares by searching for your required journey.

No Booking Fees or Credit Card Charges – Don’t Get Ripped Off

There are no booking fees or credit and debit card charges when you buy tickets direct from them.

There are not even any fees or charges if you buy tickets for any other UK rail operator.

So, you don’t need a Virgin Trains promo code to get cheap tickets.

Virgin Trains First Class Offers – Business & Leisure Deals

Virgin Trains First Class Breakfast

Meals are served throughout the day in First Class

Travelling with Virgin Trains First Class is a treat, with luxury all the way. They are great value deals for both business and leisure trips.

First Class travellers are in for a treat both before they board their train and on the journey itself.

The excellent news for off-peak travellers is that you can grab yourself cheaper fares when you travel First Class with Virgin Trains on their network.

On journeys to main stations, the Best Fare Finder prices are as follows.

Virgin Trains First Class Best Fare Finder – Cheapest Prices on Routes To/From London

  • Manchester £42
  • Glasgow £55
  • Liverpool £42
  • Birmingham £25.50

Search via the Best Fare Finder and toggle to First Class when you’re offered the fares.

Virgin Trains First Class passengers enjoy:

  • Complimentary meals and drinks throughout the day
  • Extra legroom, your table, reclining seats, and overhead reading light
  • FREE complimentary Wi-Fi
  • First Class lounges at many stations, including London Euston, Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham International and Birmingham New Street

Weekend First Class Upgrade – from only £10

If you’re travelling First Class at weekends or Bank Holidays, why not treat yourself to a First Class Upgrade. All customers get a complimentary snack box and as much tea, coffee or water as they can drink.

Weekend First Class Upgrade prices are:

  • £10 anywhere between Wolverhampton and London Euston
  • £15 on all other routes

We’ve put together a handy guide on Green Abode for all First Class upgrades available on other rail networks.

Manchester to London – from only £17

Train fares between London and Manchester are available from just £17 one way. With journeys times of a little over two hours, it’s a great deal.

Virgin Trains from Glasgow Central to London

Travel between Glasgow Central and London from only £30 with the Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder © Green Abode images/Chris P King

Glasgow to London – from only £30

Train fares between London and Glasgow start at only £30 one way. With journey times of four and a half fours, it’s a fantastic offer.

Book as early as possible for bargain fares via the Best Fare Finder.

Liverpool to London – from only £16


Passengers from Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham to London travel on the Pendolino

Train fares between London and Liverpool start from just £16 one way. With journey times of just over two hours, it’s a great price.

With Virgin Trains promo codes and the latest deals, you can travel for less between London and cities in Britain. Get yourself a bargain fare by booking Advance Off-Peak tickets via the Best Fare Finder.

Birmingham to London – from only £8

Train fares between London and Birmingham start from only £8 one way. With journey times of less than one hour and a half, it’s a great deal.

Virgin Trains Promo Code: Save Online

Save online with a 2022 Virgin Trains promo code and Best Fare Finder Deals.


Railcards – 1/3 OFF Deals

Railcards are a sure way of saving money when travelling off-peak by rail, and you can get up to 1/3 OFF Adult fares and up to 60% OFF Child fares. That’s a significant saving, and getting a Railcard is a no-brainer if you’re a frequent train traveller.

Railcard Promotional Code

What’s more, you can get a 1/3 OFF rail travel with Railcard promotional codes on their most popular Railcards.

Getting a three-year Railcard will get you even more savings in the long term. Save £20 on the railcard before you’ve even travelled.

Group Travel – 20% OFF Online Exclusive Discount

For groups of between three and nine passengers, you can get 20% OFF Adult Advanced fares. Everyone in the group will get a discount.

This deal is an online exclusive, so you must book via the Virgin Trains website.

If you’re travelling with a group on another rail network, check out the guide on Green Abode to discounted group travel.

With Best Fare Finder, Virgin Trains promo code and group deals, you get massive savings on train fares.

Family Travel – Savings & Benefits

Families get discounts of 1/3 OFF Adult and 60% OFF Child fares with a Family and Friends Railcard.

If you don’t have one, you still get a half-price Child (aged 5 to 15) and FREE if they’re under five.

If you’re travelling with kids between the ages of three and six, ask for FREE VKids Bags from The Shop. They’re packed full of activities to keep them used during the journey.

e-tickets – Save Time

Save time queueing up at the station with hassle-free e-tickets. Book online and print out your ticket.

On the day you travel, bring along the e-ticket and the credit or debit card you used to make the booking. Find out more about e-tickets.

Virgin Trains Timetables & Routes – Find Ways to Save

You find ways to save with Virgin Trains timetable and routes.

These include routes to and from:

  • London – Birmingham – Wolverhampton
  • London – Manchester
  • London – Stafford Manchester
  • North Wales – London & The West Midlands
  • London – The North West – Glasgow
  • Birmingham – The North West & Scotland

Eurostar – Journeys to the Continent

You can now book tickets to the continent on Eurostar from any UK station served on their network. Not only do they offer fantastic prices, you only need to make one booking.

Standard Return fares in 2022 from:

  • Manchester to Paris – £105
  • Birmingham to Paris – £91
  • Birmingham to Brussels – £91

Travel to London Euston, and then pick up the Eurostar at London St. Pancras. It’s just a short hop between both stations.

2FOR1 Attractions Offers – Money OFF on Days Out

You can get 2for1 savings on days out to attractions, restaurants, sporting events, theatre and more in London, Manchester, Scotland, Birmingham, Liverpool and other cities on their network.

Book your train tickets with Virgin Trains to get access to loads of offers.

If you regularly travel with one other person, you may want to check out the Two Together Railcard, as you can get significant savings. Please get the latest Two Together discounts and promo codes to get money off the card itself.

Virgin Trains promo codes, Best Fare Finder offers and cheap ticket deals are great ways to save in 2022.

Dublin by Train and Ferries

Virgin Trains have joined up with Irish Ferries and Stena Line to offer travel deals from London Euston from just £38. Take the train to Holyhead, and catch the ferry across to Dublin.

First Class Traveller Club – FREE First Class Leisure Tickets

If you’re a frequent First Class traveller, you can become a member of the exclusive Traveller club. Traveller members enjoy:

  • FREE First Class travel for you and your partner from Fridays to noon on Monday
  • Children travel for only £10 (under-fives go FREE)
  • Priority parking at selected train stations
  • Special priority seating on First Class travel through the week
  • Complimentary alcoholic drinks for you and one other at the First Class lounge in London Euston

Save with Virgin Trains promo code 2022, Best Fare Finder deals and cheap train tickets. There’s no need to pay full fare ever again!