How Charity Christmas Cards Made Me Write This

Charity Christmas CardsThis Xmas, why not get into the spirit of giving and send charity Christmas cards. Of course,, you could also make some, but you may find that too challenging if you’re like me.

After learning that a staggering one billion Xmas cards will end up as waste this year*, we thought we had better share with you some alternatives.

Instead of letting your initial purchase go to waste, why don’t you buy some charity Christmas cards in 2022?

We’ve chosen nine really deserving causes, and you’ll not be lining any High Street shops’ pockets – the organisations will receive all the profits from your purchase and you’ll be sure your money’s going straight to a good cause.

The cards we’ve suggested are also made from sustainable sources, but remember to recycle the cards you receive after Christmas as well.

National Trust

National Trust WalksThe National Trust is famous for its beautiful winter scenes of wildlife and nature. Apart from joining the National Trust, buying their products is the best thing you can do to support conservation work in England and Wales.

As well as scenic Christmas cards, they also stock traditional-style themes, cute and funny cards. With packs from £5 for 10, they are an excellent bet for their quality and the charity’s all-around appeal.

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Save the Children Christmas cards

Save the ChildrenSave the Children has helped some 3 million children improve their health, address poverty and hunger and improve their lives in more than 120 countries. They are among the first on the ground where humanitarian disaster strikes.

Its ever-popular Christmas card range includes religious, traditional and contemporary designs plus some fun children’s cards too. There is something for all the family and tastes. Charity Christmas cards start from £3 for 10 with sale prices less than half that price.

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Cancer Research UK Christmas cards

Cancer Research UKCancer Research UK is the world’s foremost cancer research charity and has been a leading light in the global fight against cancer for years. Its work has already helped millions of people survive cancer, and buying Christmas cards here will help ensure the good work continues.

Cancer Research has a big range of charity cards and there’s something for everyone, from nativity scenes to Christmas funnies.

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Unicef Christmas cards

Unicef UKUnicef UK supports the United Nation’s Children’s Fund, supporting and running programmes to help children across the country. It gets into the heart of local communities to make a real difference in kids’ lives.

The Unicef charity Christmas cards range has everything from traditional, fun and interesting. It offers some really classy designs, with packs starting at £4.50 for 10.

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RSPB charity Christmas cards

RSPBNature lovers and keen twitchers alike will love the selection from the RSPB, always a seasonal favourite. As you’d expect, 100% of proceeds get ploughed into the RSPB’s conservation and education work, and the cards are sourced from sustainable forests.

RSPB has a big range of charity Christmas cards. As you would expect they have some classic, native British bird collections. There really are some stunning nature scenes to choose from.

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Oxfam Christmas cards

OxfamOxfam must be one of Britain’s most well-known charities, and it’s certainly not sitting on its laurels and continues to be a worldwide leader in the development and humanitarian work. The Oxfam UK shop has a fantastic range of ethical and second-hand gifts.

Its got an excellent selection of festive cards this Christmas, and of course, all the money goes into the fight against poverty and social injustice.

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Action Aid – Gifts in Action Christmas cards

Action AidAction Aid works hard to help people break out of poverty in the developing world. Its campaigns focus on world hunger, education, women’s rights, HIV and AIDS, economic justice and relief during emergencies and conflicts.

Each of Action Aids Christmas card sets focuses on a specific cause – from supporting river ambulances in Bangladesh to toys for Rwandan kids and start from £3.99 a pack. And of course, 100% of the profits from the cards go straight to Action Aid.

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Eden Project charity Christmas cards

Eden ProjectYou’ll certainly have heard of the Eden Project, the remarkable group of biospheres in Cornwall. As well as showing visitors nature from around the world, the Eden Project helps run environmental and social projects around the world, puts on fantastic educational events and conducts invaluable conservation research.

The pack of 10 Eden Project charity cards features cute robin and Christmas pudding designs and costs £3.50, while the pack of 20 costs £6.50 with two different tree print designs from local West Country artist, Ley Honour Roberts. They’re all made from 100% recycled paper, and of course, proceeds go to support the Eden Project’s good work.

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Zoological Society of London charity Christmas cards

ZSLThe Zoological Society of London founded back in 1826, is the organisation behind London Zoo, Whipsnade and the Institute of Zoology. Together they undertake crucial research and conservation work to preserve wildlife worldwide.

So if you’re an animal lover, their Christmas cards are a must, and of course, 100% of profits go straight into helping the society continue its work. The pack of five cards feature inspiring images of a pair of otters, an Asian elephant calf, a red panda, a grey wolf and the Amur tiger and cost £3.95.

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Don’t forget to Gift Aid it

And when you’re buying from or donating to charities, remember to sign up for Gift Aid. It helps charities reclaim the tax paid on donations, meaning for every £1 you donate, they’ll get an extra 28p. Once you sign up, the charity can also backdate any donations you’ve made for the past four years.

With all the fantastic and worthy charities to support, why not do something different in 2022.