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Aeyla Discount CodeAeyla is the newly transformed home of Mela. They’ve changed to focus even more on helping you sleep better.

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Mela launched on a mission to help you sleep better, and their weighted blanket has been tried and tested by over 50,000 customers. But they’ve decided to think bigger about how to help people avoid sleepless nights. Meet Aeyla.

‘It’s been wonderful to see how many customers our weighted blanket has helped, but in the past four years we’ve realised that one product alone can’t solve everything,’ says CEO and co-founder Matthew King. ‘Sleep and stress are so closely linked we need to address the challenge more holistically. Aeyla is our fresh start – an opportunity to build a home for multiple sleep and stress solutions, expert advice and community support, in turn helping people create better wellbeing routines.’

Aeyla Sleep Stress Cycle

The Sleep-Stress Cycle

Aeyla has been working on discovering the link between sleep and stress and realised you couldn’t improve one with the other. When you’re stressed, you can’t sleep. When you’re tired from lack of sleep, you get stressed.

Aeyla is on a mission to help you break the sleep-stress cycle. Their one-stop shop for natural sleep and stress solutions aims to put your mind and body at ease.

Don’t worry; they’re still going to create the products you love, but there are many new initiatives.

Aeyla Sleep Products and Solutions

Aeyla’s products include the existing best-selling range and new solutions to help you sleep. There will be a wider choice with new aromatherapy and third-party brand products later.

And don’t worry, you’ll still benefit from Aeyla voucher code promotions, discounts and sales.

Aeyla weighted blankets

Improve your sleep and reduce anxiety and stress with Aeyla’s weighted blankets. Based on award-winning Mela weighted blankets, you’ll be relaxed and snoozing in no time!

All-in-one weighted blanket

Aeyla All in One Weighted BlanketThe Aeyla all-in-one weighted blanket has all the benefits of the original weighted blanket with a handy built-in cover. The gentle pressure feels like a hug and calms your body and mind.

One side is made from cooling 100% quilted cotton, and the other is super-soft quilted polyester fleece. The anti-rustle weighted glass pellets moulds to your shape, and it’s Oeko-Tex certified and free from harmful chemicals.

Choose the perfect size for you.

Size & weight Standard
(100cm x 190cm)
(135cm x 190cm)
(for body weight between 30kg & 40kg)
(for body weight between 40kg & 60kg)
✔️ ✔️
(for body weight between 60kg & 90kg)
✔️ ✔️
(for body weight 90kg+)

Aeyla All-in-One Weighted Blanket >>

Mela Weighted Blanket

Mela Weighted BlanketThe UK award-winning Mela weighted blanket is designed to ease anxiety and encourage deep and restorative sleep enjoyed by thousands of people. Made from anti-rustle glass quartz pellets, it moulds silently around your body for ultimate comfort.

Their original weighted blanket has a double-sided Oeko Tex certified cover free from harmful chemicals and toxins. The cover top is super soft and cosy quilted fleece, and the bottom is 100% cooling cotton.

Choose a size that’s right for you.

Size & weight Standard Large
4kg ✔️
5.5kg ✔️ ✔️
7kg ✔️ ✔️
9kg ✔️

Mela Weighted Blanket >>

Kids weighted blanket

Aeyla Kids Weighted BlanketThe Aeyla kids weighted blanket makes your child feel rested and reassured while they sleep, helping them grow and thrive. It makes bedtime a relaxing experience for better sleep and happier days.

The inner blanket is made from anti-rustle weighted pellets that mould your shape with a 100% cotton ultra-breathable exterior. The super-soft dotted 100% recycled polyester fleece outer cover is removable and made of recycled polyester fleece and Oeko-Tex certified free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Kids Weighted Blanket >>

Luxe Cotton Knit Weighted Blanket

Aeyla Luxe Cotton Knit Weighted-BlanketThe luxe cotton knit weighted blanket has all the calming benefits of the original weighted blanket. Hand-crafted to perfection, its tight weave provides evenly distributed weight that moulds to your body.

The luxury oatmeal-coloured cable knit design looks sophisticated on you and looks perfect draped over your bed or sofa. It is made from 100% Turkish cotton with no weighted pellets.

Aeyla Aromatherapy - Sleep Enhancers

Aromatherapy Collection

The new Aeyla aromatherapy collection consists of sleep enhancers and stress reliever scents. Both ranges come in spray, roll-on and candles.

  • Sleep enhancers – soothing scents to help your mind settle at night into a deep slumber, including aloe vera, lavender oil and wild chamomile
  • Stress relievers – designed to calm you and brighten you up when stressful moments arise, including citrus, patchouli and ylang ylang

Stay tuned; we’ll keep you up-to-date with exciting new products and ways to save with 2024 Aeyla discount code offers.