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Sleep Test Discount CodeAre you concerned you may have sleep apnea due to snoring? Take a quick, convenient and affordable sleep apnoea test at home with Sleep Test (, a trusted-brand with 5-star reviews from sleep disorder sleep specialists Intus Healthcare.

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Sleep Apnea Test at Home

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Sleep Apnea Test at Home: How Does it Work?

If you suspect you have obstructive sleep apnea (also spelt apnoea), Sleep Test ( makes it simple, quick and affordable to get tested and receive actionable results. Order today and you’ll benefit from:

  • Next-day UK delivery of the sleep study recording device and questionnaire
  • Comfortable and simple set-up and home test
  • 7-day results turnaround (in most cases)
  • Detailed professional report with recommendations

What to expect: Step-by-step guide

  1. Take advantage of the promo code deal and order your in-home sleep test which gets despatched the same day.
  2. The next day you’ll receive your package. Fill out the questionnaire and wear the recording device that night.
  3. Return the questionnaire and device the following day by pre-paid envelope to sleep specialists Intus Healthcare.
  4. The device data and questionnaire are sent to an independent, well NHS-trained and experienced sleep technician for assessment (the sleep technicians have a minimum of five years experience).
  5. The sleep technician’s results are sent back to Intus Healthcare, who create a detailed five-page letter about your results and what it means. Both the letter and the data from your recording are sent back to you.
  6. The following day your results arrive and confirm whether you’ve got obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or not.

Home Sleep Apnea Test Intus Healthcare

Home Sleep Test Device

The home sleep study device uses the innovative WatchPat diagnostic, which produces comparable results to polysomnography (PSG used for laboratory sleep studies). But the WatchPat device is fitted and easily and used comfortably in your own bed.

The WatchPat device measures your snoring intensity, body position and movements, heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Crucially, it also monitors your Peripheral Arterial Tone – an important signal which indicates respiratory disturbances in your sleep.

Comfortable to wear and easy to use, the device gives the sleep technician all the information they need to give accurate obstructive sleep apnea test results.

Average results and next steps

77% of the test results confirm sleep apnoea, and you will receive recommendations about suitable treatments.

  • Intus provide a range of treatments, such as CPAP therapy (using CPAP machines and CPAP masks), positional therapy, mandibular advancement devices and more. Look out for Intus Healthcare deals and discounts.
  • And you can also take the results to your GP, which will help to speed up an NHS referral to get help treating your sleep apnea through the NHS

23% of the results confirm you don’t have obstructive sleep apnoea. From there, you can eliminate OSA and continue to find another resolution to your condition.

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Why Sleep Test?

Here are reasons why you should use Sleep Test.

  • Trusted brand – Sleep Test ( is brought to you by Intus Healthcare, a leading UK sleep disorder specialist
  • Customer satisfaction – they have 5-star reviews from helping over 100,000 people with their sleep
  • Save money – take advantage of our discount code deals, promotions and offers and save money on your Sleep Test
  • Improve your health – obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can cause damage to your health
  • Expertise – Sleep Test’s team include a team of sleep experts, including doctors, physiologists, technologists, scientists and nurses
  • Quick Diagnosis – you can find out quickly if you have a problem, rather than waiting for up to two-years for an NHS referral
  • You’re not alone – It’s estimated that two million people suffer from mild to severe obstructive sleep apnoea. Better to get a test now so that you can take the corrective measures

Sleep Test Reviews

Sleep Test ( by Intus Healthcare Reviews

Sleep Test by Intus Healthcare has excellent customer reviews for and their UK home sleep test, and follow-up CPAP products and services.


Sleep Test by Intus Healthcare customers rates them 4.9/5 from 18 reviews on Google.

Very fast delivery of the sleep test device from placing order. The report was very detailed, 9 pages, with supporting data from the device, and was received within three days from returning the device. Recommended. – Garry


Sleep Test ( customers have given them five five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

I found the service to be very quick and efficient. Thanks to sleep test I was able to get the much needed help I required. – Andrew

Good instructions and quick turn around. Very detailed report which has given me good insight to diagnosing my sleep apnea. – Customer Reviews

Intus Healthcare customers rate them 4.8/5 on 95% of reviewers recommend them from over 1,786 customers.

I literally cannot compare these guys to anyone else, they are head, shoulders and knees above any other suppliers I have ever interacted with. From the moment you get in touch with them till the delivery they are absolutely amazing… Cannot recommend them enough. – Silvi

Save money today with 2024 Sleep Test discount code deals, exclusive promotions and special offers.

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