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Winston’s Beds will give you the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had with their high-quality, handcrafted mattresses without the high-end prices. They’re a high-trusted brand – but don’t take our word for it – just ask their customers who rate them 5 out of 5 (yes, all 5-star reviews!).

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Winstons Beds

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Winstons Beds

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Winston’s Beds: 5-Star Rated Reviews

Winstons Beds

  • Exceptional products & customer service
  • Luxury mattresses & beds
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Winston’s: Top-Quality Beds & Mattresses

Winstons Beds

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  • Exchange your mattress after 91 days
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Winstons Beds and Mattresses

Winston’s Beds Mattresses: Luxury with Affordable Prices

Winston’s Beds have 100 years of bed-making experience and provide affordable, handcrafted luxury mattresses. Every mattress is made in Britain, using the finest quality materials and natural fillings to ensure maximum comfort, support and durability.

Winston’s makes five types of mattresses to suit you.

Combination mattresses

Combination mattresses combine the best of both worlds with pocket springs and a latex layer.

The pocket springs provide solid support and comfort with more bounce and less sink. The latex layer relieves more pressure and gives a luxurious feel.

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses contain individually wrapped springs within soft fabric pockets. They work together to support the body’s contours and provide comfort where you need it most.

Winston’s pocket spring mattresses are extremely comfortable due to their patented seven-zoned 3D micro springs.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses combine latex and pock springs with a 5cm layer of latex, providing more cushioning and support.

They’re ideal for people with back or hip problems, as the latex layer allows you to stay in a natural position without stressing your body. And Winston’s 100% natural latex is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, which makes them ideal for people with respiratory problems.

Pillow top mattresses

Pillow-top mattresses are favoured by 5-star hotels worldwide and offer the ultimate luxury and comfort.

A soft cushion on top of the pocket spring provides a luxurious level of comfort and support with a smooth, supportive sleeping surface. The extra layer of soft padding made from filling like wool, cotton, cashmere, bamboo or latex foam promotes a plushness without diminishing the support of the pocket springs underneath.

Natural mattresses

Natural mattresses are made 100% from natural materials without synthetic fibres.

Made from organic and eco-friendly materials, they provide a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment. Winston’s Beds sources the highest-quality natural fillings, like alpaca, bamboo, cotton, horsehair, mohair and wool, to keep the mattress comfortable, moisture-free and long-lasting.

Winstons Beds Mattresses Reviews

5-Star Rated Reviews: What Their Customers Are Saying

Winston’s Beds customers love their high-quality mattresses and beds and their exceptional customer service. In fact, they’re adored by their customers, who have given them straight 5-star ratings.

Here’s what their customers are saying:

Fantastic mattress. The quality of the stitching is magnificent. I did not expect such luxury at an amazing price. Thank you for the most amazing and comfortable mattress. Your delivery guys were also on point. – Peter

Top-notch bed set and mattress. My Winston’s delivery arrived yesterday (helpful delivery drivers). My verdict so far is that it is wonderful… – Harold

Very Best of the best mattresses I have ever slept on. I have travelled the world and stayed in luxury hotels on some lovely mattresses and Winstons Beds have nailed it! – Michaela

We have recently bought two double mattresses from Winstons Beds. The mattresses are the most comfortable we have had. In fact, my husband and I almost fell fast asleep just by laying on one of them. The service from Winston’s Beds was outstanding. We will definitely be buying our next mattress from Winston’s Beds! – Elizabeth

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