Gatwick Express Promotional Code 2022 and Cheap Train Ticket Deals

Gatwick ExpressGatwick Express promo code 2022 and discount deals are only available online.

Get cheap train tickets before you travel and don’t get ripped off at the station!

Gatwick Airport is just 30 mins from London Victoria with trains leaving every 15 mins. Travel in comfort and hassle-free by booking your tickets before you leave.

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Save money on all tickets with 2022 Gatwick Express promo code deals and online exclusive discounts.

Gatwick Express Promo Code 2022 and Cheap Train Tickets with Online Exclusive Deals – Quick Links

Gatwick Express Promotional Code 2022 *Online Exclusive* 10% OFF Standard Return *Online Exclusive*
10% OFF Single Tickets *Online Exclusive* 35% OFF Two People Anytime Return *Online Exclusive*
34% OFF Groups of 3 to 9 People *Online Exclusive* Railcards Discounts *Online Exclusive*

Free Traveller Lounge
*Online Exclusive*
Day Return Savings *Online Exclusive*
10 for 8 Carnet Season Ticket
Timetable Why Travel with Gatwick Express?

Gatwick Express Promotional Codes 2022

2022 Gatwick Express promotional codes are updated to give you the best deals. If they’re available will have them here. The best deals available today are the online exclusive offers.

10% OFF Standard Anytime Return Tickets

Gatwick Express Discounts
Enjoy your holiday knowing that you’ve saved money and made your journey easier.

* Online Exclusive Offer *
10% OFF Standard Anytime Return tickets when you buy online.

10% OFF Single Anytime Tickets

For added flexibility and suitable for longer trips, you can also save on Single journeys.

* Online Exclusive Offer *
10% OFF Single Anytime tickets for both Standard and First Class.

Gatwick Express promotional code 2022 and discounts and cheap train tickets are only available if you purchase from their website. Get the best money and time savings when you buy online.

35% OFF Two People Anytime Return

Perfect for two adults travelling together, speed up your journey and save £££. 35% OFF is a SAVING of over £25!

* Online Exclusive Offer *
25% OFF Two People Anytime Return is available for return journeys which start from London (Victoria).

SAVE a whopping £25 when you book online. Select the Web Duo ticket when you buy online.

Gatwick Express promo code 2022 and discounts are also available for groups of three or more people. The more that travel, the more money you can save!

34% OFF Groups of 3 to 9 People

Travel together as a group of between 3 and 9 people and get 34% OFF. GroupSave discounts are available for single and, day and period return tickets.

GroupSave discounts are automatically applied when you buy online.

Gatwick Express promotional code 2022, cheap tickets and discount offers are also available for a variety of different tickets fare including Railcard holders, students, First Class, Carnet, Season tickets and more.

Railcard Discounts

Railcard holders and students can further savings with additional 1/3 OFF discounts on tickets. * Online Exclusive *

If you have the following Railcards you are entitled to add further savings to your fares:

Student holders of an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can get 25% OFF fares, however, these must be purchased from a ticket office.

You still get 2022 Gatwick Express promo code and online discount deals on top of these savings.

If you’d like to get 10% savings on National Railcards and find out about what Railcards are available, check out the Green Abode guide to Railcard promotional codes and offers.

FREE Traveller Lounge – First Class

First Class customers can get even more comforts at the airport.

FREE access to the Traveller Lounge at both the North and South Terminals of Gatwick Airport. FREE services to enjoy include wi-fi, light meal, newspapers and magazines.
To get this offer, book a First Class Anytime Return online. * Online Exclusive Offer *

Day Return Savings

If you’re returning same day, savings are available for Day Return journeys.

Standard and First Class, Anytime and Off-Peak, and Adults and Children can get discounts on Day Return tickets. Savings vary depending on your journey.

Find out more about this offer, and save money online. * Online Exclusive Offer *

10 for 8 Carnet

If you’re a frequent user of the Gatwick Express, Carnet tickets may offer bigger savings.

10 for 8 Carnet tickets are available for both Standard and First Class. Save £38 (Standard) and £55 (First Class).

To get these savings you must buy your tickets at the station, find out more about 10 for 8 Carnet savings.
It’s worth checking out whether Carnets give you more savings than 2022 Gatwick Express promotional code discounts and cheap online tickets.

Season Ticket

If you’re a regular daily user, season tickets offer big money savings.

Just one week can save you £104.50 on five Standard journeys. Discounts get higher for monthly and yearly season tickets.

Find out more about how to save with season tickets.

Gatwick Express Timetable

Gatwick Express trains leave every 15 minutes between Monday and Saturday.

Make sure you don’t miss your train, check the timetable.

Why Travel with Gatwick Express?

Save Money with Gatwick Express 2022 promotional code and online discounts:

  • 10% Savings for single travellers
  • 25% Reductions for two travellers
  • Up to 50% OFF for groups of three or more
  • Save money on costly taxi fares and airport parking
  • FREE Traveller Lounge for First Class customers
  • Children under five FREE

Express Class

Express Class is a relaxing way to travel with air-conditioning and comfortable modern seating. Sit back and watch London transition into Sussex countryside.

Full refreshments are available and there is plenty of room for your holiday or trip luggage.

Save Time on your journey

  • Mobile and Email ticketing
  • Speedier journey to the airport
  • Less hassle
  • More convenience
  • No queueing!

Gatwick Express Brighton Services

Six trains morning trains between 06.30 and 07.44 depart from Brighton. Journey times to Gatwick Airport, average 34 minutes.

Returning to Brighton, six trains depart London Victoria 17.32 and 18.44 in the evening. First stop is Gatwick Airport and then on towards Brighton.

Gatwick Express promotional code 2022 and online savings offer the best savings discounts for a more comfortable and convenient travel.