Pure Air Pro Review: £50 OFF Exclusive Discount Code Offer Ends 16 August

Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter

‘Built for real life’, the Pure Air Pro’s been created for the everyday rider to excel in the real world. Practical, powerful and reliable with safety features throughout, it’s a step forward for everyday electric scooter use.

Let’s dive straight into the Pure Air Pro review.

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Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter

Pure Air Pro Review: Pure Electric’s First Own-Brand Electric Scooter

The Pure Air Pro’s built for comfort, power and safety, which makes it a perfect next-generation electric scooter. Designed in Britain by Pure Electric, everything about e-scooter has the UK and European conditions in mind.

Superior comfort and ride experience

The Pure Air Pro comes with 10-inch air-filled tyres for the ultimate comfort and safety. Bigger wheels make the scooter more comfortable to ride with more control, and primed to handle uneven surfaces, bumps and pot-holes.

The air-filled tyres promote a higher-quality and smoother ride, and the pre-installed puncture prevention fluid reduces the risk of punctures.

Compared to scooters in its class, 10-inch pneumatic tyres matches Ninebot’s Max G30 and are 18% bigger than the Xiaomi Pro’s 8.5-inch.

Top-class power

The Pure Air Pro’s is a powerful machine for practical use and also comes loaded with safety features.

For starters, the 350 watts front-wheeled motor delivers excellent all-round performance and acceleration. The motor gets you to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) with ease, and there’s plenty of power to tackle hills.

The Pure Air Pro comes with three power settings on the multi-functional display for smooth, controlled acceleration, which also promotes a safe rider experience.

The motor features an electronic anti-lock brake which prevents the wheels from locking when hard braking or on low friction surfaces like wet roads; an excellent safety feature in the rain.

Higher water resistance

Built with classic Britain and European weather conditions in mind, the Pure Air Pro is in a class of its own with its IP65-rated water resistance. And what’s more, Pure Electric is so confident that the supplied manufacturers warrant covers against water ingress.

But what does it all mean? For starters, the Pure Air Pro’s superior build quality and concealed electronics mean it can handle rain and puddles without risk of damage.

IP65 rating

IP stands for Ingress Protection with the first number 6 stands for dust ingress protection, and the second number stands for water ingress protection. The Pure Air Pro’s IP65 rating means:

  • fully dust-tight and complete protection against solid objects
  • protection assured against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle

In reality, the warranty covers light rain and going through puddles. But doesn’t cover prolonged use in heavy rain.

In comparison, the Xiaomi Pro’s has an IP54 rating which does not protect against water and dust to the same standard as the Pure Air Pro. The Ninebot G30 Max has a rating of IPX5, which has equal water protection but has no dust-protection rating.

Therefore, the Pure Air Pro is ideal for UK conditions which are often wet and more so than other e-scooters in its class.

Higher carrying capacity

The ability to carry a high 120kg weight load sets it apart from the competition. Transporting large bags and backpacks is a breeze, knowing the scooter’s built to handle that and other heavier weights.

In comparison, the weight capacity of 120kg is 20% more than the Xiaomi Pro and Ninebot Max G30.

It’s worth noting that the Pure Air Pro weighs on the heavier-side at 17kg (35.7lbs); however, it carries more weight, has a sturdy and robust build, and more optimised for British and European conditions.

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