Electric Scooter Sale Deals 2022 [£1,200 OFF & SAVE 58%]

Electric Scooter Deals

Get the latest electric scooter deals, discount codes and sale offers. Save big with up to £1,2000 OFF and 58% SAVINGS on the best e-scooters from the world’s leading brands.

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The E-Scooter Co: £1,200 OFF Electric Scooters

The E Scooter Co

  • Exclusive online offers
  • Premium & super-fast e-scooters at low prices
  • Currus, Dualtron, E-Twow, Kaabo, Speedway & Xiaomi
  • £1,200 OFF & SAVE 47%
  • FREE Kali helmets & fast-charger offers
  • 2-year frame & 1-year major components warranty
  • Hurry while stocks last!

The E-Scooter Co Deals >>

£70 OFF Pure Air 2nd Gen Electric Scooters

Pure Electric

  • Pure Scooter Offer
  • Choose from Pure Air Pro, Pure Air Pro Kimoa, Pure Air Pro LR, Pure Air, Pure Air Kimoa & Pure Air Go
  • £70 OFF Pure Air & SAVE 16%
  • £50 OFF Pure Air Go Pro & SAVE 14%
  • £50 OFF Pure Air Pro & SAVE 8%
  • Up to 500W motor & 37.2 miles (60km) range
  • Water-resistant & puncture prevention

£70 OFF Pure Scooters >>

Fun Bikes: £300 OFF Electric Scooters

Fun Bikes

  • Fun bikes deals
  • Commuting & powerful off-road range
  • Chaos, Dualtron, Gotrax, Halo, Kaabo, Velocifero, Yugen & Zero
  • £300 OFF & SAVE 35%
  • Adult & kids selection
  • Hurry while stocks last!

Fun Bikes e-Scooter Deals >>

Electric Rider: 5% OFF E-Scooters

Electric Rider

  • Exclusive online deals
  • Includes Decent One, InMotion, Segway Ninebot, Xiaomi & Zinc
  • Adult & kids electric scooters
  • EXTRA £15 OFF
  • Discount code: SAVE15
    Hurry, offers end soon!

Electric Scooter Discounts >>

My Scoot: £619 OFF Electric Scooters

My Scoot

  • Exclusive online offer
  • Xiaomi, Ninebot Segway, Inokim, Egret, Zukboard & more
  • £619 OFF & SAVE 53%
  • Sale reductions & affordable prices
  • Hurry, offers ends soon!

53% OFF My Scoot Deals >>

Moose Scooters: 54% OFF Refurbished Electric Scooters

Moose Scooters

  • Exclusive online deals
  • Includes Pure, Xiaomi, Nineboth Segway, Bird Inokim, & Razor
  • 54% OFF + Big Savings
  • Get an instant trade-in discount on your old scooter
  • Guaranteed buyback promise for future upgrades
  • Hurry while stocks last!

54% OFF Refurbished Scooters >>

Micro Scooters: £176 OFF & SAVE 44% E-Scooters

Micro Scooters

  • Cheapest top-rated electric scooters
  • £120 OFF Micro Merlin & £100 OFF Micro Explorer
  • + EXTRA 20% OFF both models
  • Discount code: ELECTRIC
  • Be quick, before they’re gone!

Micro Scooters Offers >>

Halfords: £270 OFF E-Scooters


  • Bundle discounts
  • Includes Xiaomi, Carrera, Decent One, Razor, Wired, Ninebot Segway & Xoots
  • £270 OFF & SAVE 45%
  • Big selection of children’s e-scooters
  • Hurry, buy now to avoid disappointment!

Halfords e-Scooter Offers >>

Electric Scooter Sale Deals 2022

Compare prices and discounts on electric scooters from Xiaomi, Ninebot Segway, Pure, Unagi and more.

Electric Scooter Store Deals & Discounts

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Deals

Xiaomi has set the benchmark for producing exceptional scooters at affordable prices. Across their range, you’ll find great-value, stylish and innovative e-scooters that are popular with their customers.

Grab yourself a Xiaomi e-scooter sale deal while stocks last!

Xiaomi Mi 1S

Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter DealsThe Xiaomi 1S is an upgrade to the world’s best selling e-scooter, the Xiaomi M365. It’s packed with power and performance with a 250 watts motor (up to 500W), 18.6 miles (30km) range, and three-speed modes.

Easy to ride with intuitive controls; its multi-function dashboard and stylish design make it one of the best mid-range scooters. For an all-round scooter for leisure and commuter use, the Xiaomi 1S is hard to beat.

Xiaomi 1S deals

Compare Xiaomi 1S prices and offers from specialist retailers with 2-year UK warranties.


Store Price Offer
Amazon £385 Lowest Price Buy >>
Halfords £370 £80 OFF & SAVE 14% Buy >>
My Scoot £360 Low Price Deal Buy >>
Pure Electric £379 £70 OFF & SAVE 16%
2-year warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>

Please find out more with my Xiaomi 1S review.


Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter Deals

Xiaomi’s premium Pro 2 scooter is crammed full of features and rides like a dream. A powerful 300 watts motor (up to 600W) tackles gradients up to 20% with ease, tackles the most challenging terrains, and gives larger riders more oomph.

The Pro 2’s 28 miles (45 km) range, cruise control and efficient battery life make it perfect for commuting and longer rides and days out. With smart upgrades and enhancements on its predecessor, you’ll struggle to find a better all-around scooter for the same price.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 deals

Compare Xiaomi Pro 2 prices and offers from specialist retailers with 2-year UK warranties.


Store Price Offer
Pure Electric £479 £20 OFF & SAVE 4%
2-year warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
My Scoot £450 Discount Offer Buy >>
Amazon £429 Price Drop Buy >>
Halfords £469 £60 OFF & SAVE 11% Buy >>

Discover more with my comprehensive Xiaomi Pro 2 review.


Xiaomi Mi 3

Xiaomi 3 Electric Scooter Deals

The Xiaomi 3 is the latest scooter from Xiaomi, and its evolutionary improvements sit it between the 1S and Pro 2. Like the Pro 2, the Xiaomi Mi 3 has a 300W motor, making it easier to go uphill than the 1S.

Its range of 18 miles (30 km) and relatively lightweight 13.2 kg is ideal for commuting and leisure use. Improved rear brakes and reflectors give it some enhanced safety features.

The Xiaomi 3 is a popular and excellent value choice with a more endurable battery and blue flashing.

Xiaomi Mi 3 deals

Compare Xiaomi 3 prices and offers with 2-year manufacturer warranties.

Store Price Offer
Amazon £369 Lowest Price Buy >>


Xiaomi Mi Essential

Xiaomi Essental Electric Scooter Deals

The Mi Essential is a great-value entry-level Xiaomi electric scooter. Weighing just 12 kg (26.5 lbs) and quick to fold down, it’s perfect for short journeys which may involve transfers on public transport.

Despite its lower price, you still get Xiaomi’s tried and tested functionality like increased battery life from its smart kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), dual braking with a front anti-lock and rear disk brake, and new generation 8.5-inch (21.6 cm) tyres.

Xiaomi Mi Essential deals

Compare Xiaomi Essential prices and offers from specialist retailers with 2-year UK warranties.

Store Price Offer
Pure Electric £299 Low price
2-year warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
Amazon £305 Sale Offer Buy >>
My Scoot £330 Buy >>
Halfords £349 Buy >>

Please find out more with my Xiaomi Essential review.


Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Deals

The multi-award-winning Xiaomi M365 is the world’s best-ever selling electric scooter, and it’s no surprise to see why. Setting new standards for design, functionality and ease for a great-value price has proved popular with beginners and more experienced riders.

Together its 250 watts motor, 8.5-inch (21.6 cm) shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres, dual braking system, and Mi Home app is a winning combination. Grab the last opportunity to get your hands on the Xiaomi M365!

Xiaomi M365 deals

Compare Xiaomi Pro 2 prices and offers from specialist retailers with 2-year UK warranties.

Store Price Offer
My Scoot £360 Lowest Price Buy >>
Pure Electric £399 £70 OFF & SAVE 15% Buy >>
Pure Electric £419 £70 OFF & SAVE 14%
+ Puncture prevention
Buy >>


Pure Scooter Deals

Pure burst on the UK electric scooter scene with a bang, and their second-generation e-scooters are even better. Designed for British and European weather conditions with game-changing water resistance, they combine practical innovation with style at cost-effective prices.

Don’t miss out on a Pure electric scooter sale deal.

Pure Air Go

Pure Air Go 2nd Gen Electric Scooter DealsThe award-winning Pure Air Go – Second Generation is the most affordable, lightest and best-selling e-scooter from the Pure range. Its waterproof chassis handles rain and puddles with ease and makes it suitable for everyday use.

With a 350W motor, three-speed motor and 20km (12.5 miles) range, you’re free to explore in comfort. And despite weighing only 16kg, its robust build and large 10″ puncture-resistant tyres mean it’s a smooth ride with loads up to 120kg.

Pure Air Go deals

The Pure Air Go – Second Generation has a 1-year warranty, comes in two colours and is only available to buy from Pure Electric.

Store Price Offer
Pure Electric £349 Lowest Price
Puncture prevention
Buy >>

Discover more about the Pure Air Go electric scooter.


Pure Air

Pure Air 2nd Gen Electric Scooter Deals

The award-winning Pure Air – Second Generation packs twice the power of its predecessor, and its 500W three-speed motor gives it a more superior hill-climbing ability. It’s perfect for days out and commuting with a solid 30km (18.5 miles) range and a fast 5.5 hours charge time.

The large 10″ air-filled tyres with puncture prevention, IP65 water resistance and premium steel build make a comfortable ride. A USB port for charging your smartphone on the go and a maximum load weight of 120kg sets it apart from others in its class.

Pure Air deals

The Pure Air – Second Generation has a 1-year warranty, comes in two colours and is only available to buy from Pure Electric.

Store Price Offer
Pure Electric £399 £70 OFF & SAVE 16%
12-month warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>

Get the latest e-scooter promotions from Pure Electric.


Pure Air Pro

Pure Air Pro 2nd Gen Electric Scooter DealsThe Pure Air Pro’s design – like its sister model – is optimised for British and European conditions with an IP65 water-resistance rating. This means you can ride it all year-round without worrying about wet weather damaging the components.

With three power settings, 10-inch smooth-riding pneumatic tyres with puncture prevention fluid can carry a load up to 120 kg (265 lbs), high visibility LED lights and reflectors, and easy service options, it’s a popular choice for UK riders.

And with glowing ‘best buy’ reviews, what’s more, to like?

Available in black, grey, carbon, silver, mint green, blue camo, red camo, grey camo, pink camo and ice cream colours.

Pure Air Pro deals

The Pure Air Pro Second Generation has a 1-year warranty, comes in five colours and is only available to buy from Pure Electric.

Store Price Offer
Pure Electric £499 £100 OFF & SAVE 17%
12-month warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>

Get the lowdown and a lot more with my Pure Air Pro review.


Segway Ninebot Deals

Segway Ninebot’s comprehensive range of e-scooters goes from beginner’s to premium and stylish. Highly rated with powerful motors, they’re easy to ride and affordable for first-time and seasoned riders.

Segway Ninebot E22E

Ninebot Segway E22E Electric Scooter DealsSegway Ninebot’s entry-level E22E is lightweight but packs a real punch with a powerful 300 watts motor, rare for scooters in its class. The extra oomph makes it capable of tackling inclines up to 15 degrees with a load capacity of 100 kg.

The E22E achieves a 12.4 mph (20 km/h) top speed, a range up to 13.6 miles (22 km) and charges in just 3.5 hours. Lightweight at only 13.5 kg and a one-push folding system, it’s easily stored in a car, public transport or carried by hand.

Highly rated and excellent value at an affordable price, the Segway Ninebot E22E proves to be a popular e-scooter.

Segway Ninebot E22E deals

Compare Ninebot Segway E22E prices and offers from specialist retailers with UK warranties.

Store Price Offer
Amazon £335 Buy >>
My Scoot £360 Buy >>


Segway Ninebot E25E

Ninebot Segway E25E Electric Scooter DealsThe Segway Ninebot E25E is a comfortable and stylish ride with unique changeable ambient lighting under the footpad. Impressive performance includes 15.5 mph (25 km/h) top speed, 15.5 miles (25 km) range, a powerful 300W motor and a quick 4-hour charge time.

Safety features incorporate front, rear and foot brakes and three bright E-Mark front, rear and brake lights and all-around reflectors. Three-driving modes, cruise control and 9-inch solid tyres make the E25E easy to use, and a one-push folding system and weighing only 14.3 kg means its easy-to-transport.

Segway Ninebot E25E deals

Compare Ninebot Segway E25E prices and offers from specialist retailers with UK warranties.

Store Price Offer
Decathlon £440 Buy >>
My Scoot £430 Buy >>
Amazon £399 Buy >>
Halfords £449 Buy >>


Unagi Model One E500

For pure class, the Unagi Model One E500 is the most elegant electric scooter money can buy. Its flawless high-end design includes Japanese carbon tubing, a magnesium alloy handlebar, one-click folding, and a chic paint job in four dazzling colours.

But don’t let its stunning looks fool you; the E500 is a powerhouse with two 250 watts motors (one on each wheel). And coming in at a weight of just 12 kg, it’s a remarkable feat of design and engineering.

If you’re looking for a stylish scooter and have the budget, go and buy an Unagi Model One E500 today. Available in Matte Black, Cosmic Blue, Sea Salt and Scarlet Fire.

Unagi Model One E500 deals

Store Price Offer
Halfords £899 Buy >>


Pure Electric Scooter Sale Deals

Pure Electric Sale Deals

Save up to £100 and 17% OFF top-quality scooters from Pure and Xiaomi.


Scooter Price Offer
Pure Air Go £349 Low price
12-month warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
Pure Air £399 £70 OFF & SAVE 16%
12-month warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
Pure Air Pro £499 £100 OFF & SAVE 17%
12-month warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
Pure Air Pro (Long Range) £749 Low price
12-month warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>


Scooter Price Offer
Xiaomi 1S £379 £70 OFF & SAVE 16%
2-year warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
Xiaomi Pro 2 £479 £20 OFF & SAVE 4%
2-year warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>
Xiaomi Essential £349 Low price
2-year warranty
Puncture prevention
Buy >>


Amazon: Cheap Electric Scooter Sale


  • Worldwide Availability
  • UK’s largest range of electric scooters
  • Cheap & leading brands
  • Low priced adult & kids
  • Hurry offer ends soon!

Amazon e-Scooter Sale >>

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