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Green Abode
We thought it was time to start a blog and let everybody know what we’re doing at Green Abode, and where we’re heading. Here’s our first blog post at Green Abode.

You see, we’re just like you here. We want to save money, and help protect the environment at the same time.

‘Going green’ for us is how we can take practical steps. It’s not about expensive lifestyle choices or political statements..it’s about common sense.

Where we’ve come from

Since we started Green Abode we’ve changed focus a few times, however, we’re now settled with our new direction ‘Green Ways to Save You Money’.

When we started, we tried to write about everything green. We quickly realised that this was unsustainable (no pun intended) as we didn’t have the resource, and knowledge for such a broad range of topics.

After some thought, we’ve decided to focus on the areas that we have more experience (we don’t like the word experts, as this suggests that everyone else has nothing to offer).

Green Travel – because we are green travellers with three years experience of travelling the world responsibly. Green Energy – we’re learning more about this every day through our partners, research and friends on Twitter. Energy Saving – because we’ve been doing that all our lives.

We’re all in this together

We’re all in this together with you. We share your vision of living more eco-friendly, and in the process saving some of our hard earned cash.

Some housekeeping before we go. We don’t wear sandals (OK – so we have got some worn out Birkenstocks), have beards (not today but we’ve had plenty in our time), we don’t have solar (kind of tricky without your own roof), and we don’t even stay in Yurts (but we have slept many times under the stars).

What we do share is your concern about the environment and getting ripped off.

When we all travel on trains, buses, coaches, bikes and other forms of less-polluting transport we want the best deal.

Similarly, we all want to save energy, and benefit from renewable energy. Both will protect us from ever increasing, and volatile energy bills.

If we take steps in all these areas, not only does it save us money, it also helps to reduce the amount of toxic pollutants that get spewed into the air.

It’s all about the journey

Just like you we’re on the journey. Along the way we’ll be learning from you, and sharing with you other peoples, and our own ideas.

As we’re on the same journey together, it will make it easier for us all to benefit from each others experiences. Don’t worry, we will not be judging you about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Ways to save money on trains

The past few months we’ve been busy finding out ways to save money on trains in Britain. We’ve found loads, so many that we’ve not even had time to publish them all!

In the meantime, we’ve found 176 ways to save money on rail travel.

In our latest article we found 83 one day unlimited rail travel tickets for days out by train. We also uncovered 35 rail rover tickets that are available for unlimited train travel in Britain for 3 to 14 days. Yep, that’s right you don’t need to be an overseas visitor in Britain to benefit from train passes.

Also this year, we published an article with 20 Railcards that you can use in Britain, both nationally and regionally. Be quick if you want one, as we’ve found 10% OFF deals that may expire at the end of March 2012.

Other articles in this series include, Carnet tickets (remember them?) which are still going strong, and discounts on offer for parties travelling together (up to 50% in London and the South East) with group train tickets. And, weekend First Class upgrades, where you can travel in luxury (well at least a bit more) at reduced prices on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thanks for now

So to summarise. We’re going to bring you ‘Green Ways to Save You Money’ from travel, energy and energy saving.

We’d like to thank everyone to date who we’ve supported us. Look forward to joining you for the ride.

Chris KingAbout Chris King
Chris is the owner and author of Green Abode. To find out more about Chris, visit the about page. If you’d like to stay in contact, you can sign up to the FREE newsletter.