Electric cars charge into London for EcoVelocity

Bluebird Electric Car

The Bluebird Electric car which hopes to beat the electric car world record in 2013 is on show at EcoVelocity

Despite standing majestically over the River Thames, Battersea Power Station became redundant due to a changing times and ongoing concerns over pollution. In a twist of irony, the same site will be full of clean, green electric cars.

EcoVelocity – The Low Carbon Motor Festival rolls into London this week to showcase the latest hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs). The event offers something different to motorists, and as the event organisers promise ‘EcoVelocity is not your usual motor show’.

Green Supercar Paddock

One of the most exciting highlights of the event – which may appease the most oil addicted ‘petrol heads’ – is the green Supercar Paddock. If you thought battery powered vehicles chugged along at a snails pace? Think again.

Amongst those on show in the Supercar Paddock are a range of electric cars and hybrid models including:

  • The Bluebird Electric, the world’s most striking high performance eco supercar. By 2013, this team with it’s famous record breaking heritage, aim to exceed the world record for an electric powered car.
  • Brainchild of Ecotricity eco entrepreneur Dale Vince, the Nemesis electric car was built by a team of expert British engineers who have built F1 and Le Mans racing cars.
  • iRacer, a track focused zero emissions vehicle built by the team behind EVCUP.

Other electric cars and hybrid models in the green Supercar Paddock are the Oreca-Swisshytech Hybrid, Delta E-4 Coupe, Evelio, Lightning GT, Wesfield Sport-E and the Tesla Roadster.

EcoVelocity show test drives

Of course, looking at fast supercars is OK but how will you know whether an environmentally friendly vehicle is suitable for you?

At EcoVelocity you can get the chance to try out electric cars as test drives will be available around an 800m track. Many of the main mainstream manufacturers will be at the event, as well as specialised eco friendly vehicle companies.

As well as trying out the vehicles, experts and manufacturers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

London the ideal home for EcoVelocity

It’s fitting that EcoVelocity is being held in London as it’s setting the benchmark in eco motoring in the UK. London has around 100 charge points for electric cars (and growing), and districts in the capital are leading the push for UK green motoring and green car hire.

EcoVelocity is on this week from 8-11 September 2011, at the site of the old Battersea Power Station in London. There’s literally something for everyone at the event, so get charged up and check out the EcoVelocity website for more information.

Electric Bikes and Scooters

And from green cars, why not go even more greener with electric bikes and scooters. Taking up less space on the roads, they’re an increasingly popular eco-friendly alternative.

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