2 responses to “InterRail Balkans and Back Adventure”

  1. Intrepid traveller

    How long is best to spend in each destination? 

  2. Green Abode

    Hi Intrepid traveller

    From my experience of travelling I would recommend that you try and keep things as flexible as possible. This itinerary would require a lot of moving around across a month..certainly Munich, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Athens, Paris and Zurich have plenty of things to do.

    If you didn’t want to rush around so much..just take in some of the places that take your fancy.

    Certainly, you can easily get as far as the Greek Islands and decide you want to stay there for a few months..that’s what happened to me once 😉

    There’s never a wrong or right way to travel. If you want to see different countries and cities then you have get around..alternatively you can spend 2-3 days in less places. Either way you will still get a rich travelling experience.