101 Green Christmas Gift Ideas

Xmas Lights

We’ve found ‘101 Green Christmas Gift Ideas’ for you. Well we lied, there’s actually 102!

Christmas TreeOur first one is National Trust Membership, which ticks all the boxes for us. Check out this amazing deal for great days out and loads of other goodies.

On the pages you can link to below, there are another 99 eco-friendly Xmas present ideas for you.

We’ve saved two more for you at the end of this article, including a leading UK children’s charity that needs your help today.

Green Xmas Presents for Kids – Top 10 for All Year Round Days Out
Christmas is for kids and we’ve chosen some perfect presents for the great outdoors. 365 days a year fun and education starts here.

Green Christmas Gifts for Her – Top 10 Winter Warmers
Whether you’re buying for your girlfriend or your gran, these winter warmers will definitely please. Get snug for the winter with these ethical and gorgeous gifts.

Cycling Voucher Codes and Christmas Special Offers
Yep, we’ve found 14 of the top online cycling stores and 70+ deals and discount codes. Keep an eye on the offers as we’ll be keeping it up to date.

Get Safe and Save Money at Xmas with Solar Security Lights
This is the perfect present for the parents or the man in the house. It really is a Merry Christmas with free power and no running costs!

How Charity Christmas Card Made Me Write This

Did you know that one billion cards get wasted every year? We’ve found 10 charities for you to support this Xmas.

Energy Saving Kettles – 10 Ways to Save on Your Brew
What does every British person have in common? Yes, we all like a brew. If it’s time to get a new one, choose an energy-efficient kettle.

10 Solar Gadgets You Must Have for Christmas
New technologies in solar is bringing in a whole wave of new products. We’ve picked 10 of the most popular gadgets available.

Why Solar Fairy Lights Are Almost Always for Christmas
If you’ve not bought them for your decorations, then why not buy them as a gift? Great all year round at home and away.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts – Top 10 UK Online Stores
If you choose organic you are saying no to deadly fertilisers and chemicals, and very often yes to improved working conditions for cotton farmers.

OK, so now we’re at 100. Here’s our last two in the 101 (102) Green Christmas Gift Ideas selection.

Barnado’s – Sponsor a Child

BarnadosIf you want to really help others in need this Christmas or you really can’t face all the crass consumerism then why not Sponsor a Child at Barnados.

Barnado’s is helping 100,000 vulnerable children and young people across 415 projects in the UK who are growing up in very difficult circumstances – coping with poverty, family illness, parental alcohol misuse, homelessness, disability and bereavement.

What you will get for your Barnado’s Child Sponsorship

  • a lolly stick character which represents you from your sponsored child
  • personalised web site where you’ll get feedback from your sponsored child and social worker
  • a gift showing that you’re a Barnado’s child sponsor

Sponsor a Child with Barnado’s >>